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Berlin Again and Again

From the January 1996 Print Edition

One of the (regrettably few) benefits of growing old is the way in which incidents in one’s own biography intersect with phases of what passes for world history. I have visited Berlin several times, but three visits stick out in recollection. The first was in the late 1950s after the Airlift . . . . Continue Reading »

Chain Gangs

From the December 1995 Print Edition

After a thirty-year hiatus, chain gangs are back. Alabama, fittingly enough, has been first to reinstitute this great Southern tradition. But this is no longer an exclusively Southern phenomenon. The next four states getting ready to adopt this penological practice are Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, . . . . Continue Reading »

Military Necessities

From the October 1995 Print Edition

In a recent issue of the Spectator , the spunky British conservative magazine, there were two articles on aspects of the military culture of the United Kingdom. One, by Alasdair Palmer, dealt with attitudes toward homosexuals in the British army. The other, by Noel Malcolm, discussed the . . . . Continue Reading »

The Vernacularist Illusion

From the April 1995 Print Edition

In recent decades, both among Roman Catholics and Protestants, there has been much talk about liturgical reform and a great amount of activity resulting from this talk. Some people have even described these developments as a liturgical revolution. There have been different theological and pastoral . . . . Continue Reading »

Where Is the West?

From the March 1995 Print Edition

During the Cold War period the terms “West” and “East” had fairly clear connotations. These were geographical-this side and the other side of the Iron Curtain-but the geography itself was defined politically, Washington and its allies arrayed against Moscow and its allies, with a vaguely . . . . Continue Reading »