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The Firm

From the May 2023 Print Edition

“Management consulting” entered my vocabulary a few months into my senior year of college. Long before most of us began applying for jobs, the class go-getters were deep in preparation for multiple rounds of interviews with one—or all—of the Big Three consulting shops: McKinsey & . . . . Continue Reading »

Made-For-TV Politics

From the November 2022 Print Edition

The hearings of the January 6th Committee have flopped. Despite rave reviews from critics, audience reception has been tepid at best. Polling finds no indication that the hearings have changed anyone’s mind about January 6, 2021. Nor have the hearings resulted in any judicial action or big . . . . Continue Reading »

LGBT, Inc.

From the May 2019 Print Edition

Buying Gay:  How Physique Entrepreneurs Sparked a Movement by david k. johnson columbia, 328 pages, $32 How did the gay liberation movement, so radical in the Stonewall days, come to make peace with corporate America? Conventional wisdom has it that after Stonewall, corporate and consumerist . . . . Continue Reading »