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Anti-Catholic Attacks After Dobbs

From Web Exclusives

The foundational premise of the pro-life position—that is, that every human being should be “protected in law and cared for in life”—is no more “theological” than the commitments behind laws mandating environmental stewardship and prohibiting unjust discrimination or exploitation. Continue Reading »

2012 Supreme Court Roundup

From the October 2012 Print Edition

Students in my constitutional law course are usually surprised, and often skeptical, when I propose that the most important case they will study is not about abortion rights, the death penalty, or the status of Guantanamo Bay, and does not concern Ten Commandments monuments, Christmas displays, or . . . . Continue Reading »

Things Not Caesar’s

From the March 2012 Print Edition

Clarity and unanimity have not exactly been the hallmarks of the Supreme Court’s efforts to interpret and enforce the Constitution’s religion clauses. In the two Ten Commandments cases decided in 2005, the nine justices managed to deliver ten opinions, with two different five-justice . . . . Continue Reading »

Kagan Proves Elections Matter

From First Thoughts

Sometimes, even things that are obviously true need to be underscored, and brought home. Here is one such thing: Elections matter. And, the election of President Obama has turned out to matter a great deal for the future decisions and direction of the Supreme Court. Solicitor General Kagan is, . . . . Continue Reading »