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Texts Have Consequences

From the March 1999 Print Edition

Few observers would contest that the exegesis of the Bible has now fully entered a postcritical moment. The rules of the venerable historical-critical method no longer reign supreme, even in the academy. Readers lay and scholarly recognize that the text of the Scriptures is polyvalent and . . . . Continue Reading »

The Land Called Holy

From the December 1993 Print Edition

The Land Called Holy: Palestine in Christian History and Thought by Robert L. Wilken Yale University Press, 448 pages, $35 Twice in the history of the region have Christians controlled Palestine: first during the height of the Christian Roman imperium, from the early fourth through the early . . . . Continue Reading »

Writing Christian History

From the January 1992 Print Edition

The Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity edited by John McManners Oxford University Press, 724 pages, $45 This is a handsome book, and a weighty one, too, at over seven hundred glossy pages. But was it necessary? Should the general reader trouble himself to know the history of the church? The . . . . Continue Reading »