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Pius XII and the Distorting Ellipsis

From Web Exclusives

As charge after charge that Pope Pius XII failed to resist the Germans or even that he was indeed “Hitler’s Pope” has been refuted, the critics have advanced new and more remote accusations. First, critics attacked him for what he said or did (or failed to say or do) during the war… . Continue Reading »

A Court Out of Order

From the April 2003 Print Edition

In April 2002 at the United Nations, ten countries simultaneously submitted their ratifications to the “Rome Statute” of the International Criminal Court (ICC). That brought the total number of ratifications above the magic number of sixty, which brought the court”designed to prosecute the . . . . Continue Reading »

Goldhagen v. Pius XII

From the June/July 2002 Print Edition

Tendentious attacks on Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli) are nothing new. Indeed, they have become commonplace. Yet Daniel Goldhagen’s recent 27,000–word essay for the New Republic, “What Would Jesus Have Done? Pope Pius XII, the Catholic Church, and the Holocaust” (January 21, 2002), calls . . . . Continue Reading »