From the January 1995 Print Edition

Copyright (c) 1993 First Things 49 (January 1995): 2-7 Mean-Spirited? Roman Numerals & Orthodoxies Onward Christian Soldiers? Right and Left on Cuba Was Jesus Anti-Semitic? A Plea for Tolerance Fight for Christian Rights The Great Fear Revisited Lay Off the Jesuits Racing Down the Slope . . . . Continue Reading »

Briefly Noted 111

From the December 1994 Print Edition

Jack: A Life of C.S. Lewis by George Sayer Crossway. 423 pp. $13.99 paper Most biographies of C. S. Lewis so far have been hagiographical chronicles, the great exception being A. N. Wilson’s notorious warts-and-all treatment, which, though it has unfairly been called a hatchet job, would . . . . Continue Reading »

The Real Story

From the December 1994 Print Edition

The Real Story I read with interest and agreement Edward S. Shapiro’s “Blacks and Jews Entangled” (August/September). While there exist shared experiences of oppression, Shapiro notes quite correctly that a black-Jewish relationship should not be based on fanciful notions derived . . . . Continue Reading »

Briefly Noted 110

From the November 1994 Print Edition

The Ground We Share: Everyday Practice, Christian and Buddhist by Robert Aitken and David Steindl-Rast Triumph Books. 232 pp. $27.95 Aitken is a Zen Buddhist Roshi and one of the most active and articulate American teachers of, and apologists for, Zen. Steindl-Rast is a Benedictine monk who has a . . . . Continue Reading »

Choosing Choice

From the November 1994 Print Edition

Choosing Choice John E. Coons (“Is Choice Still Choice?” August/September) writes that polls show support for choice in education. The more sophisticated polls, however, show that while the public strongly supports choice within public education, it equally opposes public support for . . . . Continue Reading »

Briefly Noted 109

From the October 1994 Print Edition

Thick and Thin: Moral Argument at Home and Abroad By Michael Walzer University of Notre Dame Press. 105 pp. $16.95 The author of Spheres of Justice and The Company of Critics considers the problem of distributive justice after the collapse of the Communist states in 1989. “This new world is . . . . Continue Reading »

What Jesus Said

From the October 1994 Print Edition

What Jesus Said  Richard B. Hays’ critical analysis of The Five Gospels: The Search for the Authentic Words of Jesus (“The Corrected Jesus,” May) was estimable in every way. I would add only a few brief comments. Hays notes that the criterion of dissimilarity was used by the . . . . Continue Reading »