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Given for Love

From Web Exclusives

Despite its flaws, Louise Penny’s latest novel is ultimately a book of fundamental human goodness. It encourages us to look at a child, as happens at a significant New Year’s Eve moment, and not see “Down syndrome,” but a person with a name—a person given for us to love. Continue Reading »

How To Be a Sick Christian

From the January 2015 Print Edition

When sickness or injury comes upon us, we face the question of whether we really believe what we profess to believe. There are temptations to self-absorption, and medical science can encourage us to spend much of our time relaying technical information to friends and family. What, then, is the path . . . . Continue Reading »

Visualizing the Human

From Web Exclusives

It is no vice that we can hold things to be true that, nonetheless, we are unable to visualize. Mathematicians do it every day when they work with imaginary numbers (which, contrary to their name, cannot be imagined). Particle physicists likewise write equations that express the truth about matter, a truth that is deeply paradoxical and thus unimaginable. And theologians, such as yours truly, speak of God as creating us while realizing that there can be no picture of creation … Continue Reading »