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Sacred Sex

From Web Exclusives

For most men and women, endowing sex, not to mention marriage itself, with a sense of sacredness leads not to depression and divorce court but to strong and satisfying unions. Continue Reading »

Religion and Family Around the Globe

From Web Exclusives

All the attention devoted to the first Roman Catholic Synod on the Family, which wraps up this week at the Vatican, is but one sign that the ties binding hearth and altar to one another can still be the subject of considerable concern. That’s in part because the fortunes of the family in the West have largely ebbed and flowed with the fortunes of religious faith over the centuries, as scholars like Peter Berger, Robert Wuthnow, and Mary Eberstadt have noted. Continue Reading »

The Lukewarm Generation

From Web Exclusives

Sociologist Christian Smith began his ambitious, multivolume effort to plumb the religious lives of Americans across the life course in his 2005 with Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers. In that book”aimed at an audience that the author hoped would include general readers as well as clergy and scholars”Smith painted an incisive portrait of religion among America’s adolescents… . Continue Reading »

To Have and to Hold

From the December 2007 Print Edition

Marriage and Caste in America:  Separate and Unequal Families in a Post-Marital Age by kay s. hymowitz  ivan r. dee, 192 pages, $22.50 The foundations of national morality must be laid in private families,” wrote John Adams in 1778. Adams recognized, as did many of the founders, that the . . . . Continue Reading »

As the Family Goes

From the May 2007 Print Edition

The family revolution of the last four decades has not been kind to American religion. Dramatic declines in marriage and fertility rates, not to mention increases in divorce, have left many congregations with dispirited, shrinking, and increasingly gray-haired flocks. The growing secularization of . . . . Continue Reading »

Children at Risk

From the February 2004 Print Edition

At first glance, Hardwired to Connect, the recent report from the Commission on Children at Risk, a group of thirty-three children’s doctors, research scientists, and youth services professionals, might be viewed as yet another harbinger of social decay. The report, jointly sponsored by the . . . . Continue Reading »