Faith’s Desire

From the June/July 2014 Print Edition

I recently took part in a conversation among some young theologians and ethical thinkers, most of them Catholic, many of them gay or same-sex attracted. We found ourselves talking about the shelter the Catholic Church provided in Victorian England to many homosexual people. In a culture suspicious . . . . Continue Reading »

Analogia Resurrectionis

From First Thoughts

Although the resurrection of Christ is unique and unrepeatable, there are analogies for it in the lives of Christians. Jesus says as much when he makes his raising of Lazarus to be an icon of the greater resurrection that’s to come. Continue Reading »

What Saint Paul Originally Said

From First Thoughts

Did St. Paul’s originality as a thinker, preacher, and letter-writer lie in his Christology or in his teaching on the inclusion of the Gentiles in the Church? Trying to answer that question on its own terms misses the interconnectedness of Paul’s Christology and his missionary practice. Continue Reading »

On Avoiding “Fantastical” Weddings

From First Thoughts

A couple of days ago, Rowan Williams addressed the matter of weddings becoming ever more extravagant events:Speaking at a debate entitled “Marriage: Love or Law” in London, the former Archbishop of Canterbury said that the “marketisation of marriage” must be curtailed.He . . . . Continue Reading »

On Hospitality and Unstructured Time

From First Thoughts

I’m a little late to this party, but Meredith Schultz has a good piece over at Fare Forward on hospitality for and among millennials. At the end she offers a few suggestions for habits and postures that will help with the practice of hospitality. I was particularly struck by her remarks on . . . . Continue Reading »

What Phil Robertson Gets Wrong

From First Thoughts

One brief remark on the Phil Robertson fiasco . I understand and share all the concerns about religious liberty, which Rod Dreher , Russell Moore , and Mollie Hemingway have done a good job (as usual) of articulating. But just because someone quotes 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and is opposed to same-sex . . . . Continue Reading »