God of the Philosophers

From the June/July 2007 Print Edition

In his much discussed lecture at Regensburg University on September 12, 2006, Pope Benedict underscored the crucial importance of Hellenistic philosophy in the development of early Christian theology. That engagement with philosophy is indeed of lasting importance for Christian theology. It is . . . . Continue Reading »

Letter from Germany

From the March 2003 Print Edition

There is no denying that German“U.S. relations were ruffled, if not rocked, by last September’s election. During the summer, polls indicated that the Social Democratic Party and its leader, Gerhard Schröder, would lose because of popular anxiety about the economy, especially . . . . Continue Reading »

The Pope in Germany

From the December 1996 Print Edition

This was the third pastoral visit of John Paul II to Germany. When he first came in 1980, the ecumenical question moved to a place of prominence, and continues there today. A little background may be helpful. In 1980 the Pope met at Mainz with a number of Protestant bishops”including the . . . . Continue Reading »