The search has begun. Maybe you’ve seen the ad in the last issue, the announcement online , Jody’s notice , or Nathaniel’s blog post : First Things is now accepting applications for next year’s junior fellows.

Not sure you fit the bill? Take the quiz below to find out!

1) My bookshelves are (a) double-stacked and collapsing under the weight; (b) the perfect place for my heirloom shot-glass collection; (c) who needs books in the Age of the Internet?

2) Writing college essays made me (a) energized, even if due in part to late-night over-caffeination; (b) stiff-fingered and queasy-stomached; (c) how many pages left?

3) New York City: (a) Opera and theater and concerts, oh my! (b) Sirens and screeching and subways, oh no! (c) Give me a home where the buffalo roam . . .

4) Reading and talking about great ideas 40+ hours a week: (a) when can I start? (b) second only to paintball; (c) zzzzzzzzzz.

5) The nation’s leading journal of religion, culture, and public life: (a) First Things ; (b) The New York Times ; (c) The Onion .

Mostly A’s—The few, the proud, the junior fellows: Send your application today!
B’s and C’s—Explore further options: here and here .

[N.B. Mary and Nathaniel beg to add that The Onion is a fine and estimable journal. Ryan reminds me that he avoids all NY culture which does not fall within his 5-block radius. And have you ever seen my heirloom shot-glass collection?]