. . . and it’s incredibly annoying.

Paul McCain over at his Cyberbrethren blog hearts Amazon’s Kindle. It seems that the days of the paper book, periodical, and newspaper are numbered.

Feh! I remember when they said 8-track tapes were doomed. My 8-tracks work just fine THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I don’t need your fancy cassettes!

It seems like every five years there’s some new gizmo that’s supposed to make entertainment/information more portable and more accessible. So fine—I broke down and bought a Betamax. Try and find movies for it! Another fad—like television. I may buy a microwave this year. Although I’m told that more than 20 million people a year die from radiation exposure directly related to microwave use. Don’t believe me? Stand outside the Sixth Avenue and Twenty-third Street subway station and tell that to Yevgeny the Mad Russian, who screams about it every morning. (That and the fact that the KGB owes him $5,000 US for surgery to remove the little men from his head planted there during a bad patch in the 1970s. )

Like a bad mung bean, this too shall pass . . .