. . . is the Catholic Channel’s morning show (6-10 am), hosted by Gus Lloyd, on Sirius Satellite radio. Starting Monday you may want to make a point of tuning in ( available online ), as there are several noteworthy guests and a couple of significant anniversaries.

On the third anniversary of Terry Schiavo’s death, her younger brother, Bobby Schindler, reflects on his sister’s life and the issues raised by her controversial death. Also, Laser Monks ! Not a Catholic sci-fi movie, but a soaring business-supply company run by a savvy monk named Fr. Bernard McCoy. And—ever wonder why a curve ball curves? Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics magazine has the answer as he explains the science behind athletic achievement.

Actor David Carradine ( Kung Fu, Kill Bill ) talks about his new Hallmark HD adventure film Son of the Dragon . Plus, the comedy sketch troupe Chocolate Cake City speculates on what would happen if Pope Benedict XVI opened a My Space Page.

Seize the Day marks the third anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II with guests Victor Claveau, founder of the JP II Society of Evangelists, and Trace Murphy, editor of the book A Life with Karol .

Military chaplain Marc Unger reflects on the life of his son Daniel, who while serving in Iraq sacrificed his life to save two Iraqi civilians from a terrorist attack.

Omar Shaban, head of Catholic Relief Services in Gaza, talks about providing trauma counseling to children impacted by violence in the Holy Land.