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Vatican City. Or so says this survey . Of course it’s easy to prosper when the only way you can lose your job is to die and your number one export is infallibility. Try competing with that!

Interesting that two independent states within Italy rank in the top 10, but Italy itself ranks only 27th. Does that mean that if each province declared independence, it would prosper and become more stable? Don’t give the Italians any ideas . . .

The United States ranks a mere 23rd. I assume that poor showing has something to do with the recent trashing of HD-DVD for Blue-ray technology. Who can remain “stable” when every five seconds you have to go out and buy yet another machine on which to play yet another iteration of St. Elmo’s Fire ?

Most of the “winners” on this list are barely countries at all. Andorra? Liechtenstein? I’m sure they are lovely places, filled with wonderful, God-fearing, child-loving, environmentally friendly, fur-hating people. But if your idea of national defense is a guy with a bright orange sash yelling, “Nothing to see here! Move along! Mo-o-o-ve along!” then maybe we should consider calling you something else. Like Schenectady.



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