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Now that it is obvious that engaging Iran was a delusional misstep, President Obama should denounce the Iranian regime as a rogue state that employs terrorism against its own people as well as overseas. It is time for a Reaganesque statement. The administration should say, in so many words,”

“The clerical regime in Tehran has revealed its moral bankruptcy by using terrorism against its own people;

“The sponsorship of terrorism by Iran in Lebanon through Hezbollah, in Gaza and the West Bank through Hamas, and in Iraq through various entities is intolerable, and America will exact heavy penalties should it continue;”

“All the less can the world afford to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons now that the violent and lawless character of the Tehran regime has been exposed before the world, and America will use all possible means to prevent this from happening.”

There are other things the US might do quietly, but I will leave those to the imagination.

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