Have you heard the “ Breakfast Song ”? It is a big hit on Youtube, with about a million hits. It is both very funny and very serious.

About six months after this performance, Minister Cleo Clariet was indeed “called home” by his Lord. In the introduction to his song, Minister Clariet notes that “There’s a kingdom coming, that’s part of God’s plan, when God’s Word is all we need to feed man.” This put me in mind of the passage in St. Augustine’s Confessions where he speaks of the mystical experience he and his mother Monica shared at Ostia:

And when our discourse was brought to that point, that the very highest delight of the earthly senses . . . was, in respect of the sweetness of that life, not only not worthy of comparison, but not even of mention; we raising up ourselves with a more glowing affection towards the “Self-same,” did by degrees pass through all things bodily, even the very heaven whence sun and moon and stars shine upon the earth; yea, we were soaring higher yet, by inward musing, and discourse, and admiring of Thy works; and we came to our own minds, and went beyond them, that we might arrive at that region of never-failing plenty, where Thou feedest Israel for ever with the food of truth.

For Minister Clariet, “the highest delight of the earthly senses” was, it seems, breakfast. But he understood that “God’s Word is all we will need” in that home to which we are called, where God will feed his people “forever with the food of truth.”

So laugh and enjoy. I think St. Augustine is smiling too.

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