If you’re fascinated by science but bored with discussions about evolution (as I am), then I recommend this short video exchange between linguist John McWhorter and biochemist Michael Behe.

McWhorter, who happens to be an atheist, does an excellent job of asking the questions many of us have about the explanatory ability of Darwin’s theory. Behe, who happens to a Catholic, answers honestly and without overstating either the current scientific understanding of the process or his alternate teleologically-oriented hypothesis.

Although the video was produced for Robert Wright’s Bloggingheads.tv , it’s no longer available on that site. That’s a shame since it provides an interesting juxtaposition with Wright’s own arguments. Whereas Behe (and apparantly McWhorter) believe the theory has limitations for explaining biological phenomena, Wright appears to argue that evolutionary processes can explain almost everything , including God.

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(Via: Uncommon Descent )

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