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On Wednesday, November 18, Grammy winning choral conductor Jerry Blackwell will conduct the Chamber Singers of the University of Michigan in the premiere performance of Michael Linton ‘s “Memorial.” The work was inspired by Pope John Paul II’s requiem mass and is dedicated to that great man as well as another: his friend, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus.

The program notes explain: “It is a musical evocation of the Pope’s funeral. Choirs I and III carry the gospel text which so struck me as the Pope lie dying. Between them, Choir II sings Psalm 23. Representing the church universal, the gospel text is sung in Latin. The Polish Psalm represents the church particular (Karol Wojtyla’s beloved Poland).To reflect the physical characteristics of St. Peter’s Square, Choirs I and II are arranged in a horseshoe around Choir II, the arrangement not only reflecting the placement of the Pope’s body between Bernini’s colonnades during the service itself but also symbolizing the Church’s embrace of her son.”

So if you’re interested, the concert begins at 8:00 pm and there is no charge for admission. ( Here are directions to the Walgreen Drama Center .)

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