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If I make contact with a skeleton or any other bones, as a Christian it is more likely to heal me than kill me.

If I meet a demoniac, it is more likely to be a chance to see God’s glory than the end of my life.

If I meet a vampire, it will more likely be a Dracula than an Edward, and I will be glad for the cross I wear.

If I meet a real fairy princess, she is more likely to care about Saint George or Arthur than Walt Disney.

If I meet a hobo, he is more likely to be helped by the gospel and a hot meal than a fake rubber cigar.

If I meet an actual pirate, I am more likely to wish for the British Navy and grape shot than for an autograph book.

If I meet a dragon, it is more likely I am about to see the Archangel Michael than Eragon.

If I am beamed up to the Enterprise in a time travel episode, there is more likely to be a Christian chaplain there than a commemorative copy of a Richard Dawkin’s book.

If I meet a zombie, Jesus’ name would be more useful than a rifle.

If I go to Narnia, I am more likely to try to stay than to doubt that I am there.

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