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I really think that some of the major global warming hysterics have lost contact with reality. In the UK, one influential adviser now says the cost of “prevention” may have to double. From the story:

Preventing runaway global warming may be twice as expensive as previously thought and Britain will have to incur billions of pounds of additional debt to cover its share of the cost, according to the world’s most influential climate change economist. Lord Stern of Brentford said that future generations would find it easier to pay off the debt than to cope with the consequences of climate change. He called for air passengers to pay a significant proportion of the cost through a new global tax on flights, and shipping should also contribute through a new tax on bunker fuel.

The author of the 2006 Stern review on the cost of tackling global warming admitted that the latest science indicated that he had been too optimistic in that report. Cuts in CO2 emissions would have to be deeper and made more quickly to have a 50-50 chance of keeping global temperatures from rising more than 2C (3.6F) above pre-industrial levels.

The earth was warmer circa 1000-1400 than it is today, and that was pre industrial.  And as for the latest science, it alas, shows that a lot of this hysteria may have been hyped and jiggered.

Besides, where does his Lordship think all of this money going to come from?  I was just in the UK, and it is reeling economically. The pound is falling. People are out of work,  Banks are in danger of collapse. And this guy wants to borrow even more billions to fight a phantom?  This is absolutely crackers.

Oh, I get it: It’s a game of who can say the most ridiculous thing with a straight face.  Mr. Gore, it’s your turn.

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