The Constitution of 1789 and republican values.

Ronald Reagan and tax cuts.

Orthodoxy and icons.

Some things go together naturally and pizza and NFL play-off football are two naturals. Over the course of my life no pizza was more guaranteed to disappoint than Domino’s. It was as fake as Ben Nelson’s hair. If you saw the box at a pizza party, you went for any other football party food, even the stale chips in a plastic bowl. The crust was the box. The sauce was canned. The cheese was not.

Eating Domino’s pizza was akin to watching the Detroit Lions. Sometimes you just had to do it, but other than the mockery there was nothing good about it.

Recently, in the most effective series of ads since Chuck Norris teamed with Mick Huckabee, Domino’s promised to redo their pizza. My family and I gave them a chance and they deserved it.

We ate many sauce and crust combos, but focused on the bargain basement single topping pizza that Domino’s promotes.

The basic crust is garlic-y and tasty. It was very popular in my house, though one of my children did not like the dusting on the bottom. The rest of the house felt it added a nice texture. Right to the edge of the crust, it was tasty.

The sauces we tried were all good, the basic sauce now tastes like it contains real tomatoes and herbs. The barbecue sauce was particularly good with chicken.

The toppings were generous and good.

The price, especially with coupons, was excellent. You can feed a big group for a few dollars a person.

In short, Domino’s went from “never order” to our current default pizza for the playoffs.

This post may have nothing to do with the gospel, but it has everything to do with the well examined life.

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