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This is actually a post about the Gospel, but it may do one of these things to you:
— it may offend you (it ought to offend you a little at least)
— it may confuse you
— it may cause you to take the rest of the day off because you are utterly bewildered

I’m almost too squeemish to post this note, so you can imagine what kind of atrocity the link takes you to, so be forewarned. But as reported all over the the internet in the last week, The Boston Herald posts its take on Doug Hines’ new invention, introduced this weekend at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

The least to say about this is that it is utterly un-nerving and particularly vile. And most people will let it go at that, except that those people aren’t thinking about the fact that someone is going to buy one of those things.

Listen: in the last two or three years there has been a bizarre trend — people are trying to invent robots to be home companions. One guy in japan has invented a manequin which is a servicable receptionist; another guy has been prototyping robot runway models. I am sure many teen-aged boys and comic-book shop owners are thrilled about the future happening today, but those of us who love people ought to be very concerned about this.

I could write about 1000 words about this topic today, but I am (again) snowed at work. Instead, I’ll let y’all talk about this issue under this umbrella: doesn’t this prove in some way that the church has failed to preach the Gospel, believe it to be true, and live as if there are necessary consquences to the work of Jesus Christ? Asked another way, how can robots possibly be better at loving other people than the people of God?

Think about that and discuss it in the comments.

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