In 2007, the Vatican set out to become the first carbon neutral sovereign state in the world by reducing its CO2 emissions and planting a forest in Hungary to offset whatever CO2 it did emit over the course of a year. But to date, Catholic News Service reports the trees have not been planted and the Vatican is now considering taking legal action against KlimaFA, the company that donated the resources for planting the forest:

“We know that there still have been no trees planted,” even though the company was repeatedly asked to carry through with their donation, Passionist Father Ciro Benedettini, vice director of the Vatican press office, told the Italian Catholic news agency, ASCA, April 22 . . . . “We understand KlimaFa is not doing well (financially), but the good name of the Vatican is at stake.”

Yes, the good name of the Vatican is at stake, but I don’t think carbon neutrality is the issue.

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