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As competition for pulpits increases there are fewer and fewer opportunities available for domestic ministry. Bible colleges and seminaries are cranking out trained pastors by the hundreds and thousands, but these men have no churches where they might serve. Those who do serve are often plagued by failure and a misunderstanding of their calling. This leaves them disenchanted with the opportunities that lie behind and confused about the opportunities that set ahead. To resolve this dilemma, I would like to suggest a new opportunity for men: Women’s ministry.

Justification for this is quite simple. As more and more women take over men’s roles in pastoring, bread-winning/wage-earning, and child-rearing, men have been relegated to a subservient role. We are told that we are to answer to our wives and partners, that we do not and should not have a voice of our own. Well, I think it is time to rebel, to let these women know that we are more than visual objects and that we can serve in this ministry just as well as they can!

The Biblical basis for this is simple. We are men and the women should always answer to us, in all things, and in all venues. As a consequence, men should not only pastor the churches but we should also be in charge of all the ministries of the church. That means not only Sunday School, but all the teaching. The women can take care of the kitchen, but only as we direct them. As long as they keep silent in the church, all will be well.

So men, especially you single guys, take note. This is the opportunity which is wide open. Imagine yourself in the place of Beth Moore or Kay Arthur, with a thousand or more hanging on your every word. What you teach will not matter – they will just soak it all up. You can teach people that there is a famine coming. You can teach people that Tozer was the greatest of all theologians. It won’t matter. These women are hungry for something exciting.
(tongue planted firmly in cheek!)

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