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Gen. Khattiya Sawatdiphol, 59, better known as Seh Daeng, was allied with the protesters. He was struck in the head by a bullet during an interview with this reporter.

New York Times reporter Thomas Fuller is shockingly blasé about a guy getting shot while he’s interviewing him(!). (Update: Apparently, his editor agreed because the NYT has since updated the story, adding much more detail.)

If I’m a war criminal, then Barack Obama is a war criminal.

Karl Rove offers one of the lamest tu quoque arguments ever used in a denial against being a war criminal.

She tried to kill herself many more times than Sylvia Plath. She got her nose and her chin redone. She had her tonsils and her appendix and her gallbladder and her wisdom teeth removed. She had thirteen abortions and a number of miscarriages. She lived in her famous body, and really couldn’t get rid of it except by dying in it.

Elizabeth Bachner on Marilyn Monroe

The recent debate on financial regulation is missing the point. The focus has been exclusively on regulating the financial institutions. This is akin to preventing drunk driving by giving a breath test to the car.

Bill Stensrud on the problem with bank regulation.

Given how high the risks, and given that everyone agrees it’s always and inevitably a bad idea to have an affair with a colleague, why do people do it? . . . It is that people look at their most alluring at work. They are more capable and more in control, particularly seeming that way to anyone further down the hierarchy. For this reason people end up having office affairs with colleagues they would not otherwise look twice at had they seen them across a crowded room at a party.

Lucy Kellaway on office romance.

The people of Britain have spoken, but it is not quite clear what they have said.

John Humphrys with an admission that should be stated after every election.

Additional sources: League of Ordinary Gentlemen , The Browser

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