I received a surprise package in the mail a few weeks ago.  My friend Lisa K. Gigliotti has written a book: Coraggio! Lessons for Living From an Italian Grandmother. Lisa has rheumatoid arthritis and knows vividly what it is like to live a life in disabling pain and ill health. But there is no way she has let these circumstances keep her down!

I met Lisa years ago at an event where we both spoke against assisted suicide.  We hit it off right away, having similar values, and best of all, sharing an Italian heritage! She has now written a book that seeks to help others experiencing difficulties to live and overcome!  From the Coraggio Website:

“Coraggio, Leeza. Coraggio.” A whisper heard within a young woman’s heart as she lay in a darkened nursing home room conjures tales told by a beloved Italian grandmother. The stories, steeped in Old World wisdom, describe lives filled with uncertainty or tragedy, yet graced with contentment and love. Coraggio—courage—is the common trait that enables the characters to trek resiliently through hardship and suffering. Those memories spark a glimmer of hope that leads the young pre-medical student from her wheelchair to successful careers as an administrative law judge, a policy advisor for the Michigan state senate and governor, an advocate for people with disabilities and for improving end-of-life care, and an inspiring speaker dedicated to helping others lead more fulfilling lives.

Lisa has had it tough.  But she has not only overcome, she has thrived. Her book is a lesson plan on transcending in the face of seemingly intractible obstacles. Lisa doesn’t just talk the talk, as the old saying goes, but she  has walked the walk.  Highly recommended for anyone having difficulty putting one foot in front of the other.  Corragio!

Here’s a little Lisa is in action:

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