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The word “evangelism” derives from the Greek word  evangel or ” good news,” writes our web editor Joe Carter in today’s lead “On the Square” article, Selling Jesus Like a Chevy .

How odd then that so much evangelism appears to be about  selling Jesus and hoping that you can convince the unsaved heathen to buy into salvation. Good news doesn’t have to be sold.  Bad news has to be sold, but not good news.

That is definitely, he goes on to argue, citing St. Augustine and John Calvin, not the way to bring people to Jesus.

And in the second of today’s double feature, Welcoming the Strangers , the Bishop of Tulsa notes that the Catholic Church teaches that “sovereign nations have the right to control their borders. Illegal immigration is wrong and harms everyone involved in it,” but then notes the corollary that

must also be upheld: when our nation’s demand for labor attracts a massive number of potential immigrants, the United States must do what it can to establish an orderly process whereby needed workers can enter the country in a legal, safe, and dignified manner to obtain jobs or to reunite themselves with family members.



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