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A Hungarian Catholic priest who preaches from his skateboard has become a favorite on YouTube. My first reaction while watching the video (okay, my second reaction, after “cool cassock”) was: That’s the best you can do? You guys got nothing on our stunt preachers. To show our Catholic friends how it is done, I thought I’d post clips of the best examples of preacher gimmicks (see below). Post the link to your favorite in the comments section and I’ll add them to this post.

But first, a word from the late British evangelical preacher Martyn Lloyd-Jones:

One of the advantages of being old is that you have experience, so when something new comes up, and you see people getting very excited about it, you happen to be in the position of being able to remember a similar excitement perhaps 40 years ago. And so one has seen fashions and vogues and stunts coming one after another in the Church. Each one creates excitement and enthusiasm and is loudly advertised as the thing that is going to fill the churches, the thing that is going to solve the problem. They have said it about every single one of them. But in a few years they have forgotten all about it, and another stunt comes along, or another new idea; somebody has hit upon the one thing needful or has a psychological understanding of modern man. Here is the thing, and everybody rushes after it; but soon it wanes and disappears and something else takes it place.

That is surely, a very sad and regrettable state for the Christian Church to be in, that like the world she should exhibit these constant changes of fashion. In that state she lacks the stability and the solidity and the continuing message that has ever been the glory of the Christian Church.

And now, our favorite examples:

Priest on a Skateboard

Motocross in Church

Post the link to your favorite in the comments section and I’ll add them to this post.

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