Mullarkey on Freud (Lucian)

Maureen Mullarkey reviews a new biography of Lucian Freud . It is not a very good biography and she amusingly shows why. It s a model of such writing for those of you interested in writing. I particularly liked the phrase “museum-quality finesse” in  ”Gayford disinfects . . . . Continue Reading »

Naming My Turtles: A Credo

Over at Patheos , they’re beginning a new multi-week series that asks the question of all the faiths participating in the site: What Do I Really Believe? As Elizabeth Scalia explains, “The question is meant to be more than an intellectual exploration of specific dogma, though; it is a . . . . Continue Reading »

Why the Argument Over Pregnancy Matters

Christopher O. Tollefsen argues that accepting the “liberal” definition on pregnancy can actually help clarify the morality of contraception, abortion, and embryo adoption: Liberals and conservatives sometimes spar over the definition of pregnancy. Some liberals define the term as . . . . Continue Reading »

20 Essential Animated Television Series

[Note: Every Friday on First Thoughts we host a discussion about some aspect of popular culture. Have a suggestion for a topic? Send them to me at] In honor of yesterday’s golden anniversary of The Flintstones —the show first aired on Sept. 30, . . . . Continue Reading »