A young seminarian reflects on what it means to wear a clerical collar .

The Scientist offers its scientific quotations of the month .

Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly asks do pets go to heaven?

Helen Alvare argues that abortion law is family law .

Steve Cohen argues that anonymous juries will improve the judicial process .

Jed Perl suggests what Oscar Wilde could tell us about art criticism.

An Anglican theologian responds to an Orthodox archbishop’s challenge to Anglicanism.

GetReligion investigates the religion of Senator-elect Marco Rubio , almost universally described as a devout Catholic though he attends a Southern Baptist church.

An English food writer urges readers to raise geese for the holidays (the dinners, that is).

The famous English nurse Edith Cavell insisted that “patriotism is not enough,” and showed why in her life, which resulted in her being executed by the Germans, according to a new biography.

The social sciences offer 26 reasons marriage matters , according to scholars associated with the Center for Marriage and Families.

Although the U.N.’s Human Development Report believes that “people are the real wealth of nations,” the ” true worth of female members of the population will have to be measured with additional standards” than those the report uses, writes an economist.

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