There’s blood in the water of the MSNBC snark tank. Friday it was announced that Keith Olbermann had been suspended—indefinitely. He apparently violated a corporate policy that forbids newsies making contributions to political campaigns without prior approval. As of now, it’s unclear whether that is spelled out in his contract or not.

While I won’t pretend to be a fan, don’t look for any schadenfruede here. Based on what’s been disclosed thus far, there’s no reason for the man to lose his job.

Why shouldn’t Mr. Olbermann be free to spend his mammon stripping shellac where he chooses? If that be on the slippery deck of an ideological Titanic, so what? Besides, what jury would indict, let alone, convict him on charges of being an actual news reporter? Last I heard, you still need evidence for that sort of thing.

What are his superiors up to then? Is this a gesture to the next Congress, a bold first step into a belle-epoque of civility, an invitation to tea? Or is it perhaps a portent of what’s in store once Comcast takes over at NBC-Universal? Who knows, maybe it’s part of some dark pact that will oblige Rupert Murdoch to sacrifice one of his own.

Whatever the case, for Misters Schultz, O’Donnell, and Matthews, as well as for Ms. Maddow, the road ahead looks suddenly uncertain. Until this gets sorted, all I can say is, what a difference a (Tues)day makes.

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