When I first heard that George W. Bush sat down with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for an an interview, I thought “Not for me.” An hour-long video of former president reminiscing about old times sounded deathly dull. But Carmel Lobello ‘s comment intrigued me: “Bush is in fact so likable and funny in this interview that by the end, eight years of bitter resentment that most likely frosted your heart during his presidency will melt into a puddle.”

My own feelings toward the Bush presidency are more along the lines of lukewarm disappointment than bitter resentment, but after watching the video I’m be willing to give him a third term. Bush comes across as charming, confident, relaxed, smart, and funny. It really is worth watching the entire interview.

Here are some of the highlights (via Death & Taxes ):

-Mark Zuckerberg introduces Bush and his new memoir, and Bush opens, “There’s a lot of shock out there, you know? People didn’t think I could read, much less write.”

-Zuckerberg asks Bush why he chose to interview at Facebook, and Bush concedes, “Because we’ve got a lot of people paying attention to us, and I’m trying to sell books.”

- Bush talks about his skepticism for Bono before they met to talk about Africa, and then gushes that he was a ”genuine article.” “He was studious. He knew the US budget . . . He’s a really good guy. Go to his rock concerts and buy my book.”

-When asked who his favorite Bush impersonator is he said, “Steve Bridges is his name. He’s awesome. I may even be him.”

-In closure he says, “If you see me in an airport, I hope you wave with all five fingers. But if you don’t, you won’t be the first. I’m a comfortable guy.”

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