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“That’s not music, it’s just noise” is the easy argument to make against rap music. But this morning in our second On the Square essay , Christopher Walker examines the genre more closely and comes to the conclusion that while it may not be music it’s not just noise. It’s noxious noise that can be detrimental to living a Christian life:

In the long run, streaming such music through our ears and into our minds must eventually impact how we think and act. However, I am aware that many young people listen to such music and do not end up walking out of their house to commit rape or murder. So, is the popular opinion in my classroom correct, that this music is appropriate to listen to as long as we are careful not to let it impact our actions?

If our standard of virtue is built on the likelihood of becoming violent, drug addicted gangsters then this music is probably harmless to many young people. Most of my students will not take this path of immorality regardless of their musical tastes. But if our desire is to live according to biblical principles, this music fails to meet the standard.



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