From the very outset of the order, people have been criticizing the Jesuits. The Society of Jesus has long tended toward extremes that raise hackles. I’m no exception, I suppose, having skewered a few of the liberal Jesuits over the years, most recently Fr. Jim Keenan and Fr. Mark Massa, a not-so-dynamic duo at Boston College.

Ah, but I’m falling into my usual critical tropes again, which isn’t only tiresome after awhile (though perhaps only after a long while, given the target rich environment of the liberal leadership of the Society of Jesus), but also doesn’t capture the whole picture.

There are in fact some very interesting and smart and effective and orthodox Jesuits abroad. For example, take a look at a very interesting group blog, Whoseover Desires , run by some younger Jesuits in various stages of formation.

I recommend visiting regularly. They’re one group among many in the Society who are putting the Jesus back into Jesuit. May they prosper.

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