1. Here’s the first installment of my appreciation of yet another good film of the season.

2. Although I only have patience for one link per post, let me say that I agree with Pistol Pete at NO LEFT TURNS that Mitch Daniels might be the best Republican candidate next year. The reason, of course, is it’s not enough to shout REPEAL and READ THE CONSTITUTION to get folks to vote out the president. They have to really understand that a market-based alternative would actually make their futures more secure. Mitch knows his stuff and done a fine job with health care reform in Indiana. Competence plus ideology is the road to victory.

3. Another major winter storm—snow and ice (also called that delightful wintery mix)—is about to hit Georgia. After the Christmas snow, I pledged not to say some global warning! This winter has already been strange enough for me to reverse that policy in the Steve Hayward direction. Some global warning!

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