For those of you interested in religion on the web, which is presumably pretty much every one of you: I’m pleased to say that my old friend Julia Duin (pronounced “dean”) is now the anchor of the Washington Post ‘s “Under God” blog. Here is her first item , a discussion of the production and reception of the movie version of The Voyage of the ‘Dawn Treader’ .

She reports more than comments in this item, but does, I think, having seen the movie last Saturday, see the problems. For example:

And there is not enough of Aslan, who got some of his best lines from the book omitted in the film. Some of the good theological quotes did make it into the closing scene but no sooner had the credits started to roll than viewers were assaulted by “There’s A Place For Us” by Carrie Underwood about “faith” and “love” and the line “we can be the kings and queens of anything if we believe” to make sure viewers walked out feeling good about themselves. CS Lewis must have spun in his grave.

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