Here’s the table of contents for the forthcoming issue (Jan.-March.):

Health Care and the Technological Project 1
Tom Merrill
The Demise of Feminist Communitarianism 9
Jon A. Shields and Steven Serna
The Modern Foundations of Burke’s Conservatism 16
Andrea Radasanu
Beyond the Markers of Certainty: Thoughts on Claude Lefort and Leo Strauss 27
Samuel Goldman
Consciousness, Memory, and History in Tolstoy’s War and Peace 35
Lee Trepanier

DavidWalsh’s Theory and Practice 44
Ralph C. Hancock
Response to Ralph Hancock 49
David Walsh
What Is Really Different About What Is Political Philosophy? 54
Jeremy Mhire

Red Tory: How Left and Right Have Broken Britain and How We Can Fix It by Phillip Blond 58
Reviewed by G. J. McAleer

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