Berry professor of government Peter Augustine Lawler and Marc D. Guerra of Ave Maria University are pleased to announce the second Stuck With Virtue Conference here at Berry College on April the 8th and 9th. The three part conference series is funded by the Science of Virtues project at the University of Chicago.

While the first conference explored the scientific features of the modern world by inspecting its philosophical foundations, this second conference will focus on various contemporary American intellectual reactions to the challenges of technological and biotechnological progress. Three exciting speakers will present Friday afternoon and evening, with one presentation Saturday morning:

The Coming Brave New World?, 2 p.m., Friday, Evans Auditorium
Speaker: Charles Rubin, associate professor of political science at Duquesne University. Author of The Green Crusade and the editor of Conservation Reconsidered.
Respondents: Joy Riley (Tennessee Center for Bioethics & Culture) and Adam Keiper (editor, The New Atlantis)

Liberation Biology?, 4 p.m., Friday, Evans Auditorium
Speaker: Ronald Bailey, award winning correspondent for Reason magazine. Author of Liberation Biology and the editor of several books, including Global Warming and Other Eco-Myths.
Respondents: Benjamin Storey (Furman University) and Ben Mitchell (Union University)

The Perils of Technological Mastery, 7 p.m., Friday, Ford Dining Hall
Speaker: Patrick Deneen, associate professor of government and director of the Tocqueville Forum at Georgetown University. Author of The Odyssey of Political Theory and Democratic Faith.
Respondents: Daniel Cullen (Rhodes College) and Susan McWilliams (Pomona

Christian Dignity, 10 a.m., Saturday, Evans Auditorium
Speaker: Robert Kraynak, professor of political science and the director of the Center for Freedom & Western Civilization at Colgate University. Author of Christian Faith and Modern Democracy and editor of In Defense of Human Dignity and Reason, Faith, and Politics.
Respondents: Aristide Tessitore (Furman University) and Daryl Charles (Bryan College)

All four events are free and open to all students. CE credit offered for each event. For more information visit or contact Peter Lawler at

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