Our friend and writer Mary Eberstadt sends a link to a short  National Review Online symposium on Lenten reading . We’ll borrow the idea and ask you to supply the one book (one) you’d recommend for Lenten reading this Lent. Not books for general improvement or edification, but books the reading of which will aid you in observing Lent and working toward the goal of a holy Lent. You may also explain why.

Mine is St. Francis de Sales’ Introduction to the Devout Life . It is a book I always avoided reading because of an early encounter with it, when it struck me as too sentimental. Maybe I read the wrong passages or just wasn’t ready for it. A few weeks ago I came across some quotes from it that made me see I’d missed the point. Now, as a kind of apology, I’m starting on the book for Lent.

Please jump in.

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