Wednesday brings two of our On the Square web column’s most anticipated weekly pieces—Joe Carter’s and George Weigel’s. Today, Joe Carter brings to bear ” Six Thoughts About Jesus .” Here’s just one of his keen and original insights, on the “What Would Jesus Do” phenomenon:

The question we should keep constantly before us is “What Would Jesus Want Me To Do?” But then WWJWMTD isn’t as easy to embroider on a bracelet or fit on a bumper sticker.

George Weigel examines the danger to Caritas International as it works with its secular counterparts, especially the concern that its Catholicism has grown “anemic.”
“Is there a uniquely Catholic approach to the global HIV pandemic? And if so, what is it?” Her first answer: “I fear that there may be people here in Vienna this week who would answer that it is one characterized by dogma, hypocrisy, moralizing, and condemnation.”