Trevin Wax lists ten reasons he’s optimistic about being pro-life :

10. Recent Polls

A majority of Americans surveyed in a Rasmussen national poll say they believe abortion is morally wrong, a number that includes a large percentage of people who call themselves “pro-choice”. Last year, for the third consecutive time, Gallup found that more Americans accept the pro-life label, a result which led the polling firm to declare “a real change in public opinion.”

Andrew Walker offers ten reasons to be optimistic about the preservation of natural marriage :

10. The Un-doing of Same-Sex Marriage Law

States, when given the opportunity to repeal same-sex marriage law, have taken the initial steps to do so. In Maine (a traditionally liberal state), voters by popular referendum repealed a same-sex marriage law in 2009. In Iowa, voters removed all three Supreme Court judges on the ballot who issued same-sex marriage by judicial fiat. A constitutional marriage amendment to undo the damage easily passed through the Iowa House, but has been stalled in the Senate to date.

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