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The proposed billboard (on the left) from PETA illustrates the moral hollowness of the leaders of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  The “Go Vegan” ad intentionally plays off the gruesome actual murder of a baby by microwave oven—about which PETA’s press release specifically makes moral equivalence.  From the Sacramento Bee story:

It seemed the case couldn’t get any more shocking: A mother accused of killing her 7-week-old baby by cooking her to death in a microwave. And then, on Thursday, PETA announced it was capitalizing on the tragedy to further its campaign against eating animals. In a news release distributed to The Bee and other media outlets, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced it is trying to get a billboard erected in Sacramento that “serves to remind people that the vast majority of animals killed for human consumption are just babies who have yet to see their first birthday.”

And get this quote by PETA’s alpha wolf, the anti human Ingrid Newkirk, who once said she wished humans had never appeared on the earth:
“We’re horrified at the thought of microwaving a helpless baby and hope that this billboard will open hearts and minds to the grief of other mothers who have their babies torn away from them simply to satisfy humans’ fleeting taste sensations,” PETA founder Ingrid E. Newkirk was quoted as saying in the news release.

PETA is not about being nicer to animals. Rather, it is a profoundly anti human cult that equates the value of human lives with those of animals—and which literally believes that eating a pork chop is akin to murdering a baby.   For example, it once compared a cannibal case to eating meatMore infamously,  it once compared eating meat to the Holocaust—again, not metaphorical to PETA’s leadership.  These three examples—and there are more—illustrate how deeply disturbed and deranged Ingrid Newkirk and her crew have become.

One final point: While PETA is not synonymous with the animal rights movement, it says a lot that it is the leading AR organization in the world, supported to the tune of $ tens-of-millions each year from animal rights supporters.  And the movie stars!  Shame on anyone who would give a dime, time, or name recognition to help this odious organization in any way.

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