1. Yuval Levin makes the case for the current Republican field about as well as it is going to be made.  There is also a lot that is unsaid but still communicated about some Republican presidential candidates from this cycle and the last. I’m not there yet.  There are too many better Republican politicians (Bob McDonnell, Bobby Jindal) who would be a better fit for this election, but who, for reasons of timing, aren’t going to be on the ballot.  Dang.

2.  Marco Rubio gives a major speech.   I’m not booming him to run for President, but it is pretty good.  Notice that he expresses neither malice nor contempt for the President, and that he highlights the importance of high quality public services and a (sustainable) welfare state.  Perhaps he can do that because he is more interested in being an effective conservative than posturing as one?

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