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Good grief.  At about 48 seconds in, the embedded video shows OWS anti-capitalist protest zombie chanters channeling their inner transhumanism:

Everything seems to be possible. [Crowd Parrot Chant] You can travel to the moon.  [CPC] You can become immortal [CPC] by biogenetics.  You can have sex with animals, or whatever. [CPC]

Traveling to the moon required capitalist enterprises contracting with the government to accomplish.  My dad, for example, worked for a private engineering company working on the  Saturn rockets. Transhumanism research will also cost billions.  So, I am not sure where the chanters think the money would come from to develop immortality if they prevail in whatever it is they want to accomplish.

But hey, sex with animals is probably free.  Oops. That’s right.  We can’t allow it morally, ethically, or legally.  So, that seems like strike three to me.


HT: Vicki McKenna

Update: I meant this post as a funny little diversion signifying not very much. But some SHSers took it seriously, for which I am most gratified.

Thanks to their research, we can see the full quote. The speaker was blaming the media for making those claims on one hand, while letting excuses for not taking desired action by the protesters on the other.  (See Raven comment, which contains full quote).

Actually, the media aren’t making it up. They are not representing “the man” by reporting the immortality story, if that was the speaker’s argument.  Rather, when media report on the immortality movement, it is because some very prominent people are making the claim.  And it is a diversion, I think, but not to distract people from seeing the “truth.”  Indeed, these ideas come right out of the futurist anti establishment—you know, the kind of people who tend to support the Occupy protests.

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