1.  I thought Romney killed it.  He actually took some heat in this debate, but fended off the questions great.  God love him for giving a shout out to Milton Friedman.

2.  Perry was awful.  His perseverating on energy production made him sound like he only knew about one darn thing.  And he still can’t launch a competent attack against Romneycare.  Romney knocked Perry’s meatball of a question on Romneycare out of the park.

3.  Cain took some heat on 9-9-9.  I thought he handled it okay.  The other candidates still haven’t found the range on 9-9-9.  Most attacks focused on existing income tax + new sales tax = :(   Better off sticking with the 9-9-9 tax plan as middle and working-class tax increase. 

4.  The Boston station carrying the debate had this commercial that was being paid for by medical providers (I think nursing homes were heavily involved.)  The spirit of the ad was that any Medicare or Medicaid cuts would leave old people totally on their own to die.  This is only a fraction of what any kind of health care and entitlement reform of either left or right will be up against.  Just one more reason we are in big trouble.

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