We’re in the middle of our Fall fundraising campaign, a new effort to raise funds for the mission and work of the First Things website. I hope you will step forward to be counted among those who give.

The First Things website does many things. We provide one and often two (and sometimes even three) new articles each day. Our First Thoughts blog engages current issues. You have access to many articles in the current issue of First Things . Our archive is filled with more than twenty years of great essays.

All of this costs money to produce, edit, and maintain, and unlike First Things magazine we receive no subscription income from you to underwrite the expense. So if you are a regular reader, please donate to our Fall campaign. It’s easy to do. Just click here to donate .

Our goal is to enroll 500 readers as web donors during the month of October. It’s an ambitious goal, but you are remarkable readers. Make a difference. Support the mission of the First Things website. Please donate now .

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