Some years ago David Brooks wrote a column, “Who’s John Stott?,” that challenged the parochialism of our secular elites. As Brooks observed, John Stott, unknown to nearly all New York Times readers may have been one of the most influential intellectuals of the second half of the twentieth century. His books have been translated into many, many languages, and are read by millions of Christian evangelicals around the globe.

Well, if you are in Omaha, Nebraska this weekend—which, by the way, I can recommend on the basis of my ample experience in that fine city—check out a lecture by Dr. Alister Chapman, Westmont College professor: “John Stott and the Renewal of the Church.” The lecture will be on Satuday, May 19th at 2pm at West Hills Church, 3015 South 82nd Ave, Omaha NE. Free admission.

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