Here are some observations from a Catholic young woman whose life “sucks” in the midst of prosperity:

In my experience (I readily grant all of the problems with drawing inferences from individual and anecdotal observation), highly eligible men in my social set delay marriage for no good reason, date infrequently and without purpose, and are indistinguishable from the broader culture in this respect. They separate themselves from that culture in many ways on account of their religious practice. They are very good at observing sexual norms in a legalistic manner, for instance. But they are not so good in connecting the dots, and owning up to the full meaning of their God-given sexuality. In other words, they are afflicted with the same arrested adolescence as the non-religious population when it comes to an unwillingness to get serious about marriage and family. They simply participate in a more responsible way. And no one ever asks more of them.

I agree, of course, that reading Jane Austen is not the self-help required for women to deal with such “first world” problems these days.

I also like: Why are our young Catholic women becoming so bleepin’ accomplished (and rich and stuff)? Because they have nothing better to do!

Keep your eye on this fascinating blog.

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