Well, it was just a conference that didn’t go, and these things have their annoying and ugly aspects, which David Brooks once described accurately in his Bourgeois Bohemians book; nor, I am having to go through a tropical storm/hurricane, as the residents of New Orleans currently are, but still, I was apparently looking more forward to seein’ friends, NOLA musicians, my wife enjoying a bayou nature tour, and even the road-trip back-side of the storm, than I knew.

So today, silly as I know it to be, my mood is “Awful Sad.” (No don’t let the 20s sound-quality or conventions fool you . . . one of the greats from the Duke, which of course puts it amid about 100 others!)

To cheer me up a bit, we’ll begin with Louis Armstrong’s “Basin Street Blues,” and then perhaps I’ll be ready for “Laughin’ Louie,” or some of that bon temps music I linked to below.

Anyhow, friends, I’ll miss laughin’ with you this weekend.

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