So I discovered this guy Phil J. Gray while looking for a Bob Dylan song on YouTube. I’m actually glad that his version of Dylan’s “ Clothes Line Saga ” was all that I found because I learned of his particular  grievance regarding Parking-Eye in the United Kingdom. This omniscient enforcement of parking regulation led to him having to pay 90 to 120 pounds in parking fees. Given his parking offense, he had received several versions of threatening letters in various colored paper demanding payment. But rather than knuckle under, Mr. Gray decided to write a letter of complaint to Right Honorable Messrs. David Cameron and Nick Clegg for some sort of redress. He also posted his case on You Tube.

I wish him well in his endeavor (or should it be endeavour?).

Of course, this is a minor case, as Mr. Gray himself admits. But what is the limit to how much one must pay for an ordinary oversight in parking one’s car? Mr. Gray was simply trying to further his “Candlelight Peace Tour” which was overshadowed by the 2012 Olympic torch tour. He just wants to know why he should be required pay so much money for such a minor offense, and implied in his case is why the Coca-Cola sponsored Olympic torch got such preference over his own tour.

I like this man’s style and nerve—even if, as he himself seems to realize his case is not that serious (e.g., he keeps referring to Tony Blair instead of Cameron and Clegg). And of course, he jumped a few bounds from the local to the general in tying his case to the Prime Minister, but he mentions his own member of Parliament at the end. But don’t all complaints eventually implicate the legitimacy of those who claim rule from the top?

A parking ticket? Get over it! But then again, doesn’t Mr. Gray have a point?

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